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Protecting Our Patients from the Effects of Gum Disease

Millions of Americans have periodontal (gum) disease, and most don’t even know it. At the dental office of Dr. Nilda M. Woolard, DDS, we treat patients throughout the Santa Clarita Valley who struggle from gum disease with a variety of treats to heal your gums while combatting the symptoms. You may have gum disease if you’ve noticed your gums are red, inflamed, or bleeding when you floss. Other symptoms of more advanced gum disease are continuous bad breath, loose teeth, painful chewing, sensitivity, or your teeth appear longer than usual.

While there are minimal symptoms in early-stage gingivitis (gum disease), this condition only gets worse without treatment. Left untreated, your gums will gradually recede and pull away from the tooth, creating pockets in the gum tissue that expose more of the tooth structure and its root system. This creates the perfect storm for cavities, infections, and bone loss. In the most severe cases, patients lose teeth from gum disease. In most cases where adult teeth fall out without a prior traumatic injury, the cause is advanced periodontal disease.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

At the dental office of Dr. Nilda M. Woolard, DDS, we combat gum disease in several ways. First. Dr. Woolard will do a complete oral exam and study your digital oral X-rays to determine the source of your problems and how to best address it. Your carefully crafted oral treatment plan is often dictated by the severity of your periodontal disease. The first step is usually a deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar underneath the gumline, so the gums can begin to heal.

If surgery is required, this is usually because the gums have significantly receded and pockets have formed in the gum tissue, leaving the teeth unprotected. In these cases, you may need a gum graft to secure the loose tooth or teeth and to protect it and its roots. If you have bone loss that has occurred as a result of advanced periodontal disease, a bone graft may be required to restore and strengthen the tooth.

Are you concerned your gums are unhealthy? Contact Dr. Nilda M. Woolard, DDS at (661) 387-2553 to schedule an appointment and receive a dental checkup with our periodontist in Valencia.

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  • I Always Leave Happy & Smiling!

    “I always leave happy and smiling! The staff is always accommodating and very friendly. The dental work done is professional but the excellent experience is why I come back.”

    - Jason Y.
  • Best Dentist in SCV

    “Best dentist in SCV and wonderful staff! Dr. Woolard has been my dentist for over a decade and I have not been disappointed.”

    - Rebecca F.
  • We Love Dr. Woolard & Her Girls

    “Her office is clean, professional, and her office girls are the kindest. They have jumped through hoops to work around my busy schedule. We don’t love going to the dentist because it’s the dentist, but we love Dr. Woolard and her girls.”

    - Ruth S.
  • Make Your Teeth Last a Lifetime

    “Between Dr. Woolard and her hygienists, you leave with all the tools necessary to make your teeth last a lifetime. I am very appreciative if this dental office and continue to drive 45 minutes from my home to see Dr. Woolard.”

    - Kimberly C.
  • Attentive to Your Needs

    “We’ve been to several dentists and Dr. Woolard is the best we’ve had. They are very friendly and attentive to your needs. Always on time, honest, and very professional.”

    - Cadence H.

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